Thematic Areas

Human / Minority Rights
Human Rights / Minority Rights concentrates on identifying inequities among and within societies, understanding the bases of these inequities, contemplating a universal standard of human rights, as well as an individual’s rights and responsibilities in defining and working towards a just society.

Peace Building and Conflict Management
Peace building and conflict management lies at the core of our activities. BETHAK-Pakistan pursues broad based policies and contributes to efforts to ensure peaceful co-existence. BETHAK conducted activities to build a solid understanding of society-level conflict, its origins and outcomes, as well as strategies in managing and avoiding conflict.

Democracy and Good Governess
Democracy and good government are panacea for peaceful co-existence.BETHAK pursues efforts to strengthen and deepen democracy by providing enlightenment and issue based voter education especially for religious minorities. BETHAK has its election observer ship mission which it has been deployed in the last 2 general elections.

Gender Awareness / Women’s Rights
Good governance is necessary to keep balance in gender equality and Women’s rights. If it is possible to scale all women and men with same consideration then it must be possible to eradicate the gender and women’s rights discrimination from our society.

Youth Development
The youth of the nation form a critical mass of potential resource for leadership and nation building. Youth development programprepare young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a structured, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them obtain social, emotional, ethical, physical, and cognitive competencies.

Social Accountability
Social accountability is very important for any society. BETHAK
believes that In a public sector perspective, social accountability pertains to a wide range of actions and mechanisms that citizens, communities, independent media and civil society organizations can use to hold public officials and public sector accountable for the protection of rights.

Capacity Building
Supporting capacity building means that we are developing the potential for organizations and individuals in a community to respond to the needs they identify around them. This is an important element in enabling organizations to become more self-reliant and sustainable.

Education & Social Services
BETHAK’s activities focus on special issues like education of minorities and other peasant populations. BETHAK is also concerned about supporting efforts to achieve ‘Education For All’ targets. Meeting the service delivery needs of local communities in terms of water which is needed to compliment and support the health of the people is also a major focus of the BETHAK.

Livelihood/ Environment
Agriculture is central to economic development and growth in Pakistan. One main cause of food insecurity is the wide spread poverty in Pakistan and the burden of poverty fall disproportionately high on women and children. The incidence of poverty is directly related to low productivity caused by environmental degradation and the population pressure that is why it is needed the resources of Livelihood be developed for sustainable rural development.

Emergency Response/ Disaster Management
Disaster Management plays a vital role in development frame work. The poor and under privileged communities in Pakistan are worst affected due to calamities as well as Disasters. Disaster needs a special attention during pre-disasters besides relief and rehabilitation phases. Look What I Found buy essay online safe. Click Here Now write my essay custom essay writer