Governing Board

BETHAK’s board members are drawn from a diverse constituency of founders, academics, activists, educationists and business people committed to gender equality and equal citizenship. The board members are elected by the BETHAK’s general assembly through democratic process

Mrs. Huma A. Shahid

Mrs. Huma A. Shahid currently serves as vice principal of St. Anthony’s high school Faisal Town, Lahore. She has done her post graduation in English and Education from the University of Punjab. As a Chairperson of BETHAK, she aims to promoting the role of BETHAK as a link between peace building organizations and state institutions and strengthening the relevance of peace right based development work in Pakistan.

Shahzad F. Moghal
(Executive Director/ Secretary)

Mr. Shahzad has Master’s Degrees in Economics, Education and Gender & Women studies as well as post graduate diploma in computer science. He has over 20 years’ experience in humanitarian and peace building sector in both volunteering and professional capacities. He is currently the member of national lobbying delegation for the rights of minorities in Pakistan. He is a social justice activist at heart.

Mrs. Rozina Parveen
(Executive Member)

Mrs. Rozina is an elected member of District Government who is widely recognized for her passionate engagement in public affairs and social issues, especially for women, minorities and socially excluded groups. She has 12 years of experience in the field of peace building, good governance, human rights, and gender equality. As a board member of BETHAK, Rozina aims to strengthen the gender perspective in BETHAK’s programs.

Francis Jacob
(Executive Member)

Mr. Francis Jacob is a founding member & director (Emeritus) of BETHAK. He holds a graduate degree in English & education from Providence College RI, USA.  He also has a master degree in education with gold medal from university of the Punjab. He has worked in various capacities in both public and private sectors over four decades. He served education department as Dy. District Education Officer (Planning & Development) as well as with Catholic Diocese of Multan as Director family life commission.

 Mrs. Surriya Naheed
(Executive Member)

Mrs. Surriya is an educationist who served 27 years in federal education department. She also has served as language specialist in Italian department of NUML universality. She holds master degree in education and post graduate diploma in Italian language from Rome. As a board member, she aims to promoting the general public’s awareness and understanding of progressive development in Pakistan.

M. Arif Majeed

Mr. Arif is a business man by profession with significant experience in financial and commercial management. He is an economics graduate from Bahauddin Zakariya Universality. He is a devoted founding member with 15 years of experience in the field of peace building as volunteer. He is promoting the dialogue among diverse communities for peaceful co-existence in Khanewal region.
Syeda Mahwish Athar
(Executive Member)

Syeda Mahwish Athar is a Youth leader and HR defender from Khanewal region. She holds master degree in English Literature from Bahauddin Zakariya Universality as well as MBA-HR from COMSATS, Institute Of Information Technology. She has 08 years practice in development and peace building movements in Khanewal region. As a board member she has a passion for social justice, nonviolence and youth development in Pakistan.

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