Our Strategy and Approach

BETHAK is actively engaged in “Rights Based” approcan you use i in a compare and contrast essayach for proper human development in all areas of its activities. This approach is based on conviction that each and every human being is a unique individual and has every right to receive respect, protection and help from other members of society for its proper development.  A right based approach is not limited to charity or simple economic growth but its activities involve a process of changing syscause effect essay topicstems, actions and priorities to enable and empower people of BETHAK’s target areas in all spheres of human development.

Our strategy is based on:-
• Implementation of integrated community development and conduct action oriented approach focusing on promoting a sense of peace and reconciliation among the communities of target areas.
• Raise awareness and promote policy changes through policy research, advocacy and lobbying at local and national levels on the root causes of poverty, religious discrimination, social, economic and cultural rights and rights to lead a prosperous life. Article online essay help. Company Website write my essay today.