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BETHAK has been working in this area since the past 12 years on the issues of Peace and development. Apart from the existing situation, there are other genuine and validated reasons, which are source of motivation to work in this area of Pakistan to promote tolerance and human solidarity because in this agricultural belt the situation of Education, Health, and Economic Development has been ignored for a long time that is lack of tolerance, violence and disharmony occurs very often on minor issues.

Keeping the religious, sectarian and ethnolinguistive diversities in mind, BETHAK will promote more interaction among different sections of society by introducing interactive dialogues among communities of all faiths. This journey from dialogue to practice will help people to practically engage into day to day life, bridging the gaps into acceptance the differences, coming closer and closer and accepting the differences. This will promote tolerance of diversity of opinion in Pakistan.

BETHAK-Pakistan believes that no success can be achieved without the participation of women. They are the one who can interact successfully with other families and provide a better understanding of culture of peace not only in their own families but also in the families of their social circles. It has been also observed that in the target area there are 52% women of the total population.

The prevalence of Intra and Inter-religious intolerance and human rights violation in this region is the main constraint in the way of any development initiative regarding peace and social change. We therefore consider that your donation will help BETHAK to take an immediate concrete action concerning restoration of peace and social harmony is required for the promotion of harmonious culture in this part of the country.

You can support the following activities of BETHAK because together we can fine alternative to peaceful co-existence.

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